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A search for the divine's
work left behind

My work is actually all about preserving God’s work and all its innocence; I merely try to give voice to his words.



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This brand is leading the revival of the indigenous art of Kutum Katam

Giving a voice to God's words

Chatting with Aanshiki Mittal, the rising star in Indian design!

A romance with wood

Women who inspire


Nature is the best art… whether you look at it as a whole or envision it in parts, its splendour and beauty overwhelms you. Now, salvaging discarded pieces like driftwood from Nature, and transforming them into functional art, without tampering with their natural contours, is just amazing. The art you are doing is beautiful, sustainable and an ode to Nature. You are the best Aanshiki Mittal❤️

Reshma Kadvath
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